Research & Data Analysis

We believe in data-driven decision-making. Plans and policies must be grounded in reality and practical. Almost all the work we do involves research, data gathering and analysis. We love this part of the problem-solving, policy and planning process.


2015 Kenai Peninsula Situations & Prospects (8MB)
Find all the Kenai Peninsula economic and community data you need – in one place. This Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District (KPEDD) report has demographic and sector-by-sector baseline data, a map of land sales over the last few years, reports on business activity, a 1st time comprehensive look at maritime activity, health care and Cook Inlet oil and gas trends, and more.



2014 Juneau Economic Plan
This is a data-rich and action-oriented Juneau Economic Plan. Eight Initiatives and 17 priority objectives were identified and adopted; action is underway.


2013 Southeast Alaska by the Numbers
This Sheinberg Associates publication provides a two-year snapshot of Southeast Alaska economic and socioeconomic trends, along with analysis on demographics, employment, and earnings; the visitor, seafood, mining, timber, and health care industries; along with public sector developments.




Yakutat Community + Economic Indicators 2012
Find Yakutat socioeconomic data here to better understand baseline, issues, and trends for all active economic sectors with a focus on government, commercial fishing and seafood processing, and visitor industry. Topics also covered are resident income, housing, and cost of living.