Community Planning + Public Engagement

We can help you plan for the strategic growth that residents desire, whether it’s a comprehensive plan, a neighborhood plan, or for a specific site. We’ll help you find common ground and take action to achieve your goals.

We always tailor our work to the client’s needs; however, typical steps are:

  • Establish a Vision, and Desired Future Conditions
  • Assess the Current Situation – this could include mapping, field counts, data gathering and analysis, opinion surveys and more
  • Identify the Gaps, Challenges, and Opportunities
  • Create Alternatives to achieve the vision and goals – discuss, reflect, debate, synthesize, and choose among them
  • Identify a Realistic Sequence of Actions, the funding, and people to achieve the vision and goals.
  • Identify the Measures to use to assess progress!
  • Varied and interesting Public Engagement, because people have different needs and schedules. We like drawing on maps, “walk + talk” meetings, design charrettes, “live” voting, online surveys, and more…

Some Recent Projects

Sitka Comprehensive Plan (2018) with Sitka Planning Department
Juneau Airport Sustainability Master Plan (2018) with AECOM
Situations & Prospects: Kenai Peninsula (2017)
Hoonah Economic Development Plan (2016)
Skagway Senior Center+ Senior Apartments Needs Assessment (2015)
Juneau Economic Plan (2015) with McDowell Group
West Creek Master Plan (2014)
Gustavus Safe Routes to Schools (2014)