Strategic Thinking + Planning

When your time is valued and well-used you are usually willing to attend a meeting, serve on a team, committee, board, or run for elected office.

  • What does your organization, board, or team want to accomplish within 5 years? Why?
  • What could aid or prevent you from your goals?
  • What is most important and why?

We help facilitate these types of conversations so your group can chart a strategic path to accomplish its mission and use time wisely.

Using skillful meeting design and facilitation Sheinberg Associates can help your group identify a strategic path and sequence of actions to use time wisely and stay the course.

At the front end we’ll listen to what you want to accomplish and help design the meeting process to meet your objectives. During the meeting we’ll ensure information is discussed in an orderly manner that builds to support the group’s decision-making. Our expert facilitation of your meeting, committee process, or retreat will create a respectful, neutral atmosphere that is particularly helpful when parties have differing viewpoints.When the meeting is over, we can prepare a report that includes agreed upon recommendations and actions.

We regularly work with groups of five to over 100. Our facilitating skills range from leading afternoon retreats to multiple-day strategic meetings, to crafting complex scientific and technical policy plans, to helping individuals or organizations resolve specific community, land use and workplace disputes.

We believe that if you bring the right people together in constructive ways with good information, they will come up with ways to address their shared concerns.

Sample Recent Work

Central Council Tlingit and Haida Indians of Alaska (strategic plan)
Gastineau Humane Society (board retreat)
Haines borough assembly (identify annual priorities)
Hoonah economic goals and priority projects (as part of preparing economic development plan)